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修仙劍訣-MMORPG, Immortal games 2022 V21.1

修仙劍訣-MMORPG, Immortal games 2022 V21.1

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  • 更新時間:2023/01/04 05:31
  • 軟件語言:繁體中文
  • 軟件版本:v1.0.2
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  • 遊戲介紹


= 遊戲介紹 =
《修仙劍訣》是一款全新的角色扮演類MMORPG玄幻修仙類游戲。 道家溫泉玩法,按摩雙修,傳功德,體驗不一樣的仙俠仙境!

= 玩遊戲 =
遊戲VIP系統,免費! 自由! 自由! 重要的事情說3遍!
只要打完BOSS,失去貴族經驗,即可獲得VIP12,享受貴族特權,升級PK更輕鬆。 還有豪華大禮包,華麗外觀,絕版稱號,極品神器等你來拿! 拿了VIP後,購買同樣0元,次日還可以返還大量仙玉。

= 特色系統 =
溫泉玩法、按摩雙修、中轉、啟蒙等豐富多彩的活動中加入了大量玩家互動任務和動作。 愛是玩家之間牢固的紐帶。
豐富多樣的普攻極大地保證了玩家遊戲戰鬥的自由體驗。 還有冰、火、雷等進階職業道路供你選擇。 鳳凰羽飛、冰醜輪迴、萬雷超白等屬性技能,讓你的修仙之路更加精彩。
玩家可以購買大量的裝備道具,也可以將背包裡的道具賣給其他玩家。 超低的價格,瘋狂的爆款,讓你感受雙11一樣的購物樂趣!
世界上到處都是BOSS。 任何BOSS都有機率掉落極品裝備和炫酷外觀。 和小伙伴一起,輸出加成,效率翻倍,BOSS掉落可共享!
仙夏世界的風情,仙夏大陸的風光。 在遊戲中可以看到,全新的U3D引擎為玩家帶來手游體驗。 優秀的畫師在場景、人物、坐騎、怪物上都花了不少心思。 無論是雄偉的武林,繁華的集市,還是雪山的風光,水下的景色都帶給玩家不一樣的仙境。

= Game introduction =
“修仙劍訣” is a new role -playing MMORPG fantasy fairy -man repairing game. It is played by the Taoist hot spring, massage double cultivation, pass the merit, and experience a different world of Xianxia Xianxian!

= Gameplay =
Break through traditional gameplay, real -time fight against PK, burst high -definition picture quality fairy -tale mobile game masterpieces!
There are many special gameplay such as cross -service fairy alliance hegemony, allowing you to enjoy extraordinary blood fighting in the world of cultivation!
There are also domineering light, cool fashion, and multiple personalized mounts to go side by side with your sun!
Chat and make friends, look for the other half of Xianxia Road, a copy of the couple, work together!
The road of blood and passion is at your feet, and you can achieve a legend of Xiu Xian!
Many weather systems, unique NPC interactive tasks, and smooth combat experience have made this game never lose experience.
Game VIP system, free! free! free! The important thing is to say 3 times!
As long as you play the BOSS and lose your aristocratic experience, VIP12 can be available, enjoying noble special rights, and upgrading to PK to be easier. There are also luxurious gift packages, gorgeous appearance, out -of -print title, the best fairy wares are waiting for you! After taking the VIP, you will also get 0 yuan to buy, and you can return a lot of fairy jade the next day.

= Feature system =

  1. Player interaction
    A large number of player interactive tasks and actions have been added to the colorful activities, such as hot spring play, massage double repair, and transit, and enlightenment. Love is a strong bond between players.
  2. Combat system
    The rich and diverse general attacks have greatly ensured the free experience of players’ game fighting. There are also advanced career roads such as ice, fire, and thunder for you to choose from. Phoenix Yufei, Bing Chou Reincarnation, Wan Lei Chaobai and other attribute skills make your way to cultivate immortals more exciting.
  3. Trading market
    Players can buy a large amount of equipment and props, and they can also sell the props in the backpack to other players. The low price and the crazy boom make you feel the pleasure of shopping like Double 11!
    4.BOSS Infinite Brush
    The world is full of BOSS. Any BOSS has a chance to drop the best equipment and cool appearance. Together with my friends, the output is added, the efficiency is doubled, and the BOSS drop can be shared!
  4. Realistic scene
    The style of the Xianxia World, the scenery of the fairy Xia continent. You can see it in the game, the new U3D engine brings players a mobile game experience. Excellent painter spent a lot of thoughts in scenes, characters, mounts, and monsters. Whether it is a majestic martial arts, a bustling market, or a snow -capped mountain scenery, the underwater scenery gives players a different fairy world.

修仙劍訣-MMORPG, Immortal games

修仙劍訣-MMORPG, Immortal games 2022 V21.1